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Australian Champion



Sire: Ch Dyindy Red Baron X Dam: Ch Borstaff Luvvakiss
1987 - 2001

Prisy named after Miss Prissy the Hen and Prunela because she looked like a wrinkled up old prune when a baby . The outstanding soundness and qualities of the current Boldhart dogs can be attributed to Prisy. - Our pride & joy. She is the dam of 7 wonderful champions and many others that could have been titled if shown.

Prissy's greatest assets were her level topline and fantastic movement - both of which she still had until the day she went to God in January 2001.

Prisy at 8 weeks
Prisy at 8 weeks
Prisy at 12 months
Prisy at 12 months

She was a consistent winner in the ring with several class in show awards at specialitys and In Group awards at all breed shows. She won Best in Show SBTCV Open Show in 1989. Her champion progeny: Ch Boldhart Dick Darstardly, Ch Boldhart Bobby Dazzler, Ch Boldhart Dingus Magee, Ch Boldhart Hanibal Hardcase, Ch Boldhart Bookies Babe, Ch Boldhart Penelope Pitstop, Ch Boldhart Hugo Who.

Some of her progeny

Australian Champion
Boldhart Bobby Dazzler

Hugo Who
Australian Champion
Boldhart Hugo Who

Ch.Boldhart Bookies Babe
Australian Champion
Boldhart Bookies Babe

Ch.Boldhart Penelope Pitstop
Australian Champion
Boldhart Penelope Pitstop

Owned & Loved by
Sharon Bover
Dick Darstardly
Australian Champion
Boldhart Dick Darstardly

litter brother to Bobby
DOB 28/5/88
S: Ch Borstaff Dicky Doodles
Owned & Loved by
John & Dianne Toye

Although shown sparingly Ricky won consistently and attained his title with ease.

Dingus Magee
Australian Champion
Boldhart Dingus Magee

DOB 31/3/91
S: Ch Borshot Black Dog
Owned & loved by Evelyn Peggie

Dingus was 6 months old when he won Evelyn's heart and he became her "Black Man. " From that day on he took over the water bed and owned Evelyn. Dingus attained his title with ease and in great style. Not only was he a winner in the ring more importantly he has reproduced his qualities in his progeny being the sire of 12 champions and grand sire to many more.
Hannibal Harcase
Australian Champion
Boldhart Hannibl Hardcase

DOB 7/12/92
S: Gr Ch Boldhart Booker Bates
Owned & loved by Sharon Bover

Hanni is from a Grandson to Grandmother mating and is the spitting image of his dad in personality. He has wonderful conformation and although shown sparingly was a consistent winner at all breeds level. For a short while he tried to train Sharon in obedience but it was all too much for him ( Sharon was too hard to train ) and he retired gracefully to being the number one man at home looking forward to his lamb roast.

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